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BrickNet x Taiwan arTree International Hotel Winner List Announcement!

The lottery results are out!

The winner is

1. YiTing Wang

The lucky winner will receive an exquisite building block painting measuring 25 x 25 cm. If you don’t win, don’t be discouraged. The list will be kept until the next draw!

Winners please fill in the following information and send it to us via FB message~

1. Real name:

2. Telephone:


4. 7-11 store name:

5. Selected box group:


1. The winner needs to contact our customer service before noon (12:00) on 2023/09/05 (Tuesday) to provide relevant information in order to send the prize (the prize will be sent through 7-11 and will not be sent) to overseas areas).

2. Participants agree to provide BrickNet / Taiwan arTree with photo materials related to this event for promotional purposes.


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