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Player story sharing 1 Girl and Maltese

BrickNet player story sharing series

Each building block painting has a story behind it, from picking up a small building block, snapping on the bottom plate to leaving the position and continuing the cycle

What is spelled out is memories, love, separation, or growth, let them slowly tell you...

coming of age story

Girl and Maltese: We met in 2011 when we were ignorant...

We met when we were ignorant in 2011. At that time, we were like playmates. The eyes of the little girl and her pet dog revealed full innocence, harmlessness and love. Although we will no longer be under the same roof in 2022, and the little girl will become a woman, even though our eyes are no longer the same after these 11 years of companionship, we still love each other. I care about your name more than I care about my own name. Dandan, you are like a heroine in a Gezi opera, with snow-white hair and big, smart and innocent eyes. You remain friendly to every Maltese you see, but you are still secretly thinking in your heart. I'm secretly happy that you are still the most beautiful, and you are my baby. You have been so smart and observant since we were little, so we have only seen each other once for a long time. Just by making eye contact, you seem to be able to understand the pain in my heart that I want to express. You are like taking my role at home. To make up for the filial piety I thought I should fulfill in the world...


Companionship is the greatest existence because it encompasses feelings and love, which no amount of money can buy."

Who knows what kind of story the story behind a painting actually covers. Only the owner of the story knows it best. Dandan, thank you for working so hard for me for half of your life. I am sorry that as the owner, I have worked so hard. It's been a while since I came to pick you up and take you to our home. Although it's a little small, it's very quiet and there's no one or any quarrels. It's full of love and warmth. We sleep together, eat, walk, and spend the rest of your life happily and carefree.

Maltese hugged