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Player story sharing 2 The most perfect couple photos

BrickNet player story sharing series

Each building block painting has a story behind it, from picking up a small building block, snapping on the bottom plate to leaving the position and continuing the cycle

What is spelled out is memories, love, separation, or growth, let them slowly tell you...

coming of age story

Wego and Carrie met accidentally while water skiing on a dating app, thus opening a Pandora's box of curiosity about each other...

When it was the anniversary of our relationship, I wanted to use a special gift to commemorate this fate, so I wanted to use photos to make a decorative set, but I didn’t want it to be so ordinary, so I tried a special building block painting. The photo I chose was a photo taken by both parties at Carrie's bestie's wedding in July last year. On that day, we witnessed the beauty of love together and walked hand in hand on the red carpet symbolizing happiness for the first time. We also hope that we can maintain such beauty in the future

couple photos

The most perfect couple photos

couple photo

couple photos