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About building block painting puzzle

BrickNet building block painting is a new art

Create stunning photo by combining small building blocks

Whether it's your family, friends, pets, etc., we can create great works based on the photos you provide

pixel art

​1. What is pixel art

Pixel art is an art form that originated from the combination of the digital world and traditional paintings. It uses pixels or square dots to create images. It is known for its simple shapes, clear edges and limited colors. This style resembles small patches of color on a canvas, arranged in a grid. The ancient art of mosaic also used small pieces of material, such as stone, glass, and ceramics, arranged regularly to create patterns. Although the materials and techniques are different, they share the characteristic of using small elements to create complex patterns, and this simplicity and restraint make the two similar. Today, its applications can be seen in various video games, street decorative arts, church buildings, etc.


​II. Why building blocks are so suitable for presenting it

The connection between pixel art and building blocks is that they both use square pixels or building blocks as basic elements, which have simplicity and limitations that inspire creativity. The pixel style of the building block paintings has a retro feel, derived from the tradition of the digital world. This unique style and background in digital art make block drawing an attractive art form that is widely used in games, animations, websites, and art displays.


​III. What are the applications of building block drawings in life?

In addition to being used as gifts and DIY, itAlso considered a unique art form in the field of art, artists use pixel styles and different materials to create paintings, illustrations and displays.. At the same time, building block paintings can also play a role in education, helping users learn graphic design, creative expression, and enhance users' hand-eye coordination and visual perception abilities. In addition, more and more brands and companies are adopting this style to create a unique brand image and improve recognition in many competitive markets. In the future, in virtual reality, building block paintings and other technologies can also be used to create engaging virtual environments to provide users with an immersive experience.

BrickNet building block puzzle 3 major features

Exclusive special gifts

Exclusive imaging technology

Embodied pixel art uses imaging technology to present the richness of color contours in photos in a low-resolution environment, creating a new high-quality experience for you. As long as photos can be produced, the size can be infinitely extended.

Memories to treasure forever

Preserve memories forever

The finished product is not easy to fall off and is waterproof and moisture-resistant, keeping your memories in their best condition forever. The building block particles are made of environmentally friendly plastic materials, which are safe, non-toxic and highly fun. 

Visual perception training methods

Brain development training

Slow down dementia in the elderly and develop visual perception in children. It can stimulate brain vitality, enhance memory and hand-eye coordination; it can also train visual perception, spatial imagination and problem-solving ability, while cultivating self-confidence and creativity.

Art creation that can be done at home by internet –

MATRIXG building block puzzle set

No customization is required, just scan the QRCODE with your mobile phone and go directly to the Internet to create it with your favorite pictures. Get instructions and start making in 30 minutes.

small wall decroration

​Best texture birthday/anniversary/wedding gift

Standard size building blocks hanging picture

Through building blocks, you can create your own unique style bit by bit. Choose your favorite photo now and create a customized block painting to preserve your beautiful memories forever!


BrickNet World

Here, you will find simulation drawings of building block paintings in various situations, including character stories, city scenery, fantasy worlds, natural scenery, etc. These visual representations will help you better understand our creations and inspire you, making it easier for you to choose the custom brick puzzle that best suits your needs.

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