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Brick out your own beauty

​Provide an easier and burden-free way to experience art


What is pixel art?

Give me an example to give you a picture in your mind

The Mario brothers in childhood, now the creators of games Minecraft

Although today's pursuit of high image quality and high resolution, simple pixel configuration will always be an art

BrickNet creates stunning images by combining tiny pixels

Whether it's family, friends, pets, etc., we can create stunning works based on your photos

Not only does it add a unique style to your environment, but it can also be given as a commemorative and customized gift to relatives and friends~
Today is your day to find a super special surprise!

What are you waiting for? Come join the world of BrickNet block painting and enjoy creating beautiful memories!  


​BrickNet Customized Pixel Brick Puzzle

A pixel art gift

Not only a piece of art, but also a great gift for family and friends.

​Our services


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​User experience

Ms. E

Seeing up close and seeing from a distance are completely different. The farther away you are, the clearer you can see. It is a great product! Product exceeds expectations


Mr. Chen

When you assemble the building block paintings, you can feel that the building blocks are exquisite and perfect, and there are basically no problems with missing parts. The instructions are also very clear in design, and there will be no problem of being unclear. We will try our best to satisfy customers with some small requests! It is a very good manufacturer


Ms. Lin

This Beethoven building block painting is the highlight of my piano teaching space! It brings energy to the classroom and is truly an impressive piece of art.

Ms. Yiu

The quality is good ~ the packaging is super careful ~ the store responds to messages and the service is fast and good ~ like it


Mr. Jiang

This set is very interesting. You can try out many pictures online and it is not too difficult to put together. Children like it very much!

Build our imagination together

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Customized products over NT$ 1,000
Enjoy instant free home delivery
Checkout within time
Save another NT$500


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Building block puzzle set 
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