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Member related

  1. How to become a websiteMember?
    You can click BrickNet website, enter the relevant information and click Submit.You can also use Facebook,Log in directly to Gmail, so you don’t need to record your account anymore!

  2. What should I do if I forget my password?
    If you forget your password, you can go to the website and click to log in, and select [Find Account and Password] on the login page.Enter the information you originally registeredbox to reset the password.

  3. How do I change my password?
    Please log in as a member, click on your nickname at the top of the website and choose to enter "My Home Page". After entering "Change Personal Information", enter [Original Password], [Changed Password] and [Change Password Confirmation], and press Confirm to modify your password. To reduce the risk of account theft, it is recommended to set the password to a length of more than 8 characters, and the password should contain numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters.
    For example: BrickNet2023, Brick-Net2022.

  4. How to modify member information?
    If you need to modify your membership information, please log in and click the member's avatar at the top of the website. Go to my homepage and change your personal information to modify your membership information.

​Shopping problem

  1. How to order customized products? How long does it take to get the products after ordering?
    BrickNet provides customized product production services, turning your memories into brick paintings to be recorded forever.
    A. Website ordering: Please click on the customized items in the shopping area on the official website and make payment.
    B. Upload photos: Contact us via Line/FB/Email and send the message to us. *Note 1,2
    C. Confirm the order: When BrickNet completes the preliminary processing, it will send you pictures of the relevant building blocks for confirmation. Please be sure to reply to any questions. *Note 2
    D. Waiting for unpacking: The product will be produced and shipped after confirmation.
    Under normal circumstances, customized products will be shipped within 1-5 working days after confirmation, and will be delivered to the designated supermarket 2-4 working days after shipment. If shipped via home delivery, the shipment will be approximately Delivered in 1-3 working days.
    If the product is out of stock or under special circumstances, BrickNet will notify you separately.
    When the goods are delivered to the supermarket, please go to the designated supermarket to pick up the goods within the limited date, and provide identification that matches the name of the recipient for the supermarket to check when picking up the goods.
    Note 1: 1. Please try to upload square size photos. 2. Resolution 300dpi or above. 3. The selected photo theme must account for more than 60% of the page.
    Note 2: Please confirm the copyright, privacy, personal data protection, portrait rights, and other related rights of the photo before uploading it. BrickNet only converts the photo and does not bear relevant legal responsibility. If BrickNet has any concerns about the rights of the photo , will not be produced until further notice.
    Note 3: Photo correction and fine-tuning can be done once. No reply within 2 days will be deemed as confirmation. If you are still not satisfied, you can get a refund, but 10% of the image processing fee will be deducted.

  2. Are the products made using LEGO?
    BrickNet is not a LEGO brand, and in order to optimize image quality, many of the colors of the bricks used by BrickNet are not official LEGO colors, but the sizes of the bricks we use are compatible with LEGO bricks. If you are a LEGO fan and you must use LEGO for building block painting, please feel free to contact us and we will provide additional services for you.

  3. Want to make a block painting but don't know which photo to choose?
    BrickNet understands that every photo has special meaning to you and can be difficult to choose, but when you turn your photos into brick paintings with the selection method below, they will look better than any other photo.
    Here are a few ways to get your pick of the best photos!
    A. Avoid bad light
    Different light sources will change the color of objects in the photo. When selecting photos, you can ensure that the subject in the image has natural light to show natural colors.
    The shadows in the picture, especially the shadows on the face, may cause BrickNet to perform poorly when converted to building block paintings. , so use images where the subject has no shadows whenever possible.
    B. Choose a background that contrasts with the subject
    Although BrickNet uses nearly 50 different colors, there are still some differences compared to the colors of the actual photos. If the subject and background of the provided image have similar colors, it may be mixed in the subsequent block painting conversion, making the subject and background unable to be separated.
    C. If you want more details, you need a larger block painting
    Each building block represents a pixel. If you try to take a photo with a lot of detail, the result may not be clear like a mosaic photo. So you can try a larger size block painting, or you can choose a photo with less detail.
    D. If there are multiple subjects, it is best for them to be close together
    To improve the clarity and integrity of your image, "maximize" the subject's subject.
    If you have multiple subjects, try to keep them as close together as possible! This way, each subject will be clearer.

  4. What are the payment methods at BrickNet?
    Currently BrcikNet offers 2 payment methods,
    A. Credit card payment: Perform credit settlement directly after purchase. The cash flow service on this website is provided by Green World Technology and Paypal (overseas only) to ensure the security of your data and save additional remittance time.
    B. ATM transfer payment: Transfers can be made through online ATMs or physical ATM machines, providing another convenient payment method for those who do not have a credit card.

Shipping methods and invoices

  1. What is the shipping packaging?
    Since the base of this product is relatively large, its outer box will exceed the shipping limit of the supermarket. Therefore, when ordering, there will be different packaging depending on the shipping method. Please forgive me.
    Products shipped via home delivery will be packed in large cartons as there are no delivery restrictions.
    Due to delivery restrictions, BrickNet will use two layers of damage bags to package products shipped through supermarkets to meet the shipping size and ensure that the goods are not damaged during shipping.

  2. How is shipping cost calculated?
    In addition to the selling price of the product, depending on the shipping method,Additional shipping fee of 70 ~ 210 yuan (shipping fee + logistics processing fee). Due to size restrictions for supermarket delivery, shipping charges will be charged for each product.

  3. How are BrickNet items shipped?
    BrickNet's products will be available for supermarket pickup (including 7-11 pickup and FamilyMart pickup) or Black Cat Delivery Service for delivery.

  4. BrickNet will issue a unified invoice when you order a product.
    BrickNet all issues unified invoices in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Finance. BrickNet's invoice will be sent directly to the paper two-part invoice. An invoice will be issued after the order is completed and will be sent with the goods.  

​Assembly problem

  1. The building blocks in the middle are difficult to remove. There are other ways to remove them.byRemove the blocks?

    If the block is in the center, you can use tweezers to remove it!  

  2. How long does it take to complete the block painting?
    On average, each base plate (50x50) takes about 3-5 hours to complete. This time will vary depending on the complexity of the pattern and the proficiency of the assembly. Don’t worry if it takes longer, your next exclusive set will make you more proficient and complete it faster! In order to quantify the approximate assembly time, BrickNet will differentiate the difficulty of each brick painting, which you can find on the outer packaging label.
    A. 1-star difficulty: assembly time is about 3 hours.
    B. 2-star difficulty: assembly time is about 4 hours.
    C. 3-star difficulty: assembly time is about 5 hours.

  3. What's that long thing in the box? How to use it?

    That long strip is called a "building block remover"! If there is a misspelling somewhere, that’s when the building block remover comes on the scene, it can help you dig up the misspelled parts and put them back together again!

  4. I purchased multiple building block paintings, how do I put them together?
    Since the base plates are not directly connected to each other. Therefore, the best way to put the building block paintings together is to install them directly on the wall using traceless adhesive strips or purchase an outer frame~

  5. Do I need to complete the block painting myself?
    Yes! According to our instructions, place the building blocks in the corresponding positions according to numbers or colors, and you can easily complete a building block painting. In addition to completing it by yourself, it is also quite interesting and meaningful to invite friends and family to work together to complete it! If you really can’t complete it by yourself, we also provide a courier service~ Don’t forget to add purchases to your shopping cart! 

Building block assembly guide
How to use the Lego disassembler

Return or exchange

  1. How to get refund money?
    This website collects payments through Green World Technology Co., Ltd. If you pay by credit card, the money will be refunded after receiving the returned goods from you. If transfer is done through ATM, you are required to provide a refund account. BrickNet will refund the money to your designated account within 10 working days after receiving the returned goods from you.

  2. Which items are not returnable/exchangeable?
    A. Customized products specially ordered by customers.
    B. Products marked as non-returnable or exchangeable.
    C. Any items such as merchandise, gifts, accessories, invoices, etc. are missing.
    BrickNet may have some products marked as clearance products, which means no returns or refunds are allowed. Only if the product is defective, it can be replaced with the same product. BrickNet reserves the right to replace the product, so please pay special attention when purchasing.

  3. Return process?
    If there are any defects in the products ordered through the BrickNet online store in Taiwan (including outlying islands), you will be entitled to a new product replacement service within seven days of the product’s arrival. The returned goods must be in brand new condition and must retain the integrity of the goods, gifts, accessories, packaging, and the integrity of all accompanying documents or information. If there is a physical invoice, it should be returned together with the invoice; otherwise, BrickNet The right to refuse to accept your request for return or refund. Please be sure to contact BrickNet customer service (tel: 03-2118800#3930) before returning the product. After confirming the return-related matters, return the product to the designated address. The refund procedure will be processed after the product is inspected and returned correctly.

  4. What should I do if the goods I receive are defective?
    BrickNet guarantees the integrity of the products shipped from the factory, but due to the relatively large size of the products, damage may still occur during transportation. If you find any problems within 7 days of receiving the product, please contact BrickNet's Line official customer service immediately, and a dedicated person will assist you with related matters.
    After the "seven-day appreciation period" stipulated by the Consumer Council (within 7 days from the date of receipt), returns/exchanges will no longer be processed.  

MATRIXG related

  1. How to crop a picture​
    After uploading the photo, adjust the slider below to zoom in and out! If the photo is too small, it may not be cropped on the website.

    You can also use the built-in cropping function of your phone to crop it and then create it!

  2. The certification time has expired! You have not taken any action for a long time. Please click "Start Production" again to proceed.
    Certification time exceeded. Please click "Start Creating" again to proceed. If it is still abnormal, please first check whether the network connection is correct; if the network connection is normal, please close the page, reload and connect again. If the above actions are invalid, please clear the web page cookies and try again. If it still fails, please contact customer service personnel to resolve the issue for you.

  3. 504 The server is currently crowded, please try again later.
    There are currently many people online, please try again later. Under normal circumstances, it does not affect the production of pictures and instructions. If it still cannot be done after waiting for a long time, please contact customer service staff. If you encounter other abnormalities, please first check whether the network connection is correct; if the network connection is normal, please close the page, reload and connect again. If the above actions are invalid, please clear the web page cookies and try again. If it still fails, please contact customer service personnel to resolve the issue for you.

  4. 403 Web Access Denied
    Please check if the network connection is correct first; if the network connection is normal, please close the tab, reload and connect again.If the above actions are invalid, please clear the web page cookies and try again. If it still fails, please contact customer service personnel to resolve the issue for you.

  5. How to make the pattern look clearer?
    You can choose MATRIXG specifications with more particles. Please go to the official website to select other versions of different sizes, or contact customer service for enquiries.

  6. What are initial mode and unlocked mode?
    In the initial mode, you can use the material package in the box to complete the puzzle. The unlocked mode will present a richer configuration of building blocks, making the pattern more natural. You must go to the official website to purchase additional building block material packages, which usually require about 2-3 packages (50 pieces/pack).
    Purchase URL:

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