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Artist Karolyn (Ke Nianxuan) & two cute baby daughter

Karolyn (Ke Nianxuan), a well-known artist who was once a news anchor, has a pair of lovely baby girls - 3-year-old and 11-month-old lovely sisters

Children grow up very quickly. In order to record their growth, I ordered Bricknet mosaic brick drawings as the best record of my children.

Well-known anchor Ke Nianxuan

Even children can spell! My sister couldn't wait to put each color into the designated position according to the instructions on the drawing, and spelled it out piece by piece. It's rare to see her so focused...

cute children

Happiness can actually be very simple

Follow the child (sister) to build a complete and beautiful picture piece by piece starting from scratch

This process of joint focus and enjoyment is full of beautiful and interesting experiences

After hanging it on the wall, the child jumped for joy!

Happiness can actually be very simple

beautiful decorative art

beautiful decorative art