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Beautiful Taiwan Erhu Teacher: Evon Chen & Dog Angel

Well-known Erhu musician Evon Chen The story of her dog Angel. Although Angel has left her, Angel will always remain in Teacher Chen Yifang's heart. Thanks to Angel for accompanying her and experiencing a beautiful period of life together

beautiful woman holding dog

​My Angel, she was my baby when I was a graduate student! She was three and a half months old when I brought her home, and she was extremely naughty. Got it! But bit by bit we have accumulated a tacit understanding between each other. Slowly, she became as clever and sensible as she was full of spirituality.

beauty and dog

Companionship, trust and love

I accompanied me along the way to complete my master's degree, several solo recitals, my marriage, my first studio, and the purchase of a car and a house. (But in fact, the studio, car, and house are all for her to bravely break through the comfort zone, so that we can spend more time together😃)Many big and small things have happened in the past 14 years. She has always completely trusted me, supported me, and loved me, giving me the strength to face every new day. I am very grateful to have her company. Without her healing and comfort , I should not be so comfortable and happy

beauty and dog

Never leave, never give up, let’s be brave together, don’t be sad until we part ways

And I also accompanied her through several serious illnesses. I used my full love to help her survive the serious illness and recover completely. Even the attending doctor said that she was very, very lucky. The same case has the most successful cases in the hospital. It’s just one example, and Angel is that one!! We live bravely for each other, and I am happy when she is happy. As long as I can take her wherever I go, I will take her with me and let her understand the big and small things in my daily life. I don’t want to be separated from her😃Until the malignant tumor covered her entire liver, it was so severe that the doctor recommended that she be euthanized immediately. If the tumor ruptures and bleeds heavily, Angel will be in extreme pain. Therefore, I chose to let her have Anle while she was conscious!I think only those who have experienced it will understand the sadness and reluctance of parting forever!

beauty and dog

Smile Angel

This photo was taken when we went to Hualien. She was very, very happy. It can be seen from her satisfied and happy smile that when taking care of her, she was almost treated as a human being. This world I can only peel fruit for her, prepare fresh meals every day, bathe her personally every week, and drive her around in the car. We can be said to be the best partners with the best understanding.

golden retriever

Thank you! My Angel!

Although she left us three years ago, she is still my favorite and will always live in our hearts!Thank you Angel for your care and love for me over the past 14 years. Thank you Angel❤️

beauty and dog

Forever Favorite

By chance, I saw the mosaic building block painting developed by this eighth-grade team. It was very similar to the image that remained in my mind and dreams.The memory is clear, but when I look closer, it becomes blurry, so I chose a photo of Angel who was happiest and happiest.When I received it, I couldn’t wait to put it together during my very busy time. I spent two nights putting Angel together.In the process, every scene of getting along with Angel over the past 14 years came to mind.It is a kind of healing, a kind of missing, and a kind of happinessAlthough I have mixed feelings, I know that Angel in heaven must be looking at me with a happy smile!