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2022 Tell Your Beautiful Story Event

Thanks Everyone who signed up for the competition (Tell Your Beautiful Story Event) and those who shared their hard work

Everyone has the best story, I hope this event can leave good memories in everyone’s heart🥺

The war situation is really very tense. From falling behind at the beginning to taking the lead, the editors have shed a lot of cold sweat for everyone. They feel the excitement of this battle and pay tribute to everyone who has worked hard to praise

The final winner of this event🎉:

First place (887 likes) - A Zhen with the most handsome and cute afro

Second place (462 likes) - Super ancient cone, the adorable cat family🐱

Third place (462 likes) - The sister holding flowers in her hands and having the cutest smile❤️

Other pictures also have quite beautiful and touching stories. You are welcome to savor them carefully, and you are also welcome to make various pictures with stories into building block paintings!

coming of age story

Rank No. 1

I helped my eldest son A Zhen take a bath, played with magic bubbles, and suddenly made a nice afro hairstyle. A Zhen looked in the mirror and felt very satisfied, so he smiled a very sweet and cute smile. The smile is warm and precious.


Ranked second

My family has a group of cute cats, namely Chenpi Mei, Chenhua, Doupi, Douhua, Heilun, and Doudou. I feel very happy every day to be able to become a family with them! Their light steps always remind me to slow down my life, and their cute expressions always heal my heart. I hope the days ahead will go well, because they always bring me a lot of good luck! I love them!

cute cat

Ranked third

The sister holding flowers in her hands and having the cutest smile❤️

cute little girl

Rank 4

Lulu, do you still remember the most heroic photo your dad took of you not long after you came to our house? Thank you for your companionship for almost 3 years. During this time, it is full of memories, laughter and full of emotions. Although dad is first in your heart and I am second, I am the one who often gives you shit and pee. , you are the one who accompanies me to exercise and run more often, because you can’t keep up with dad’s speed 😂😂😂, you are often naughty and mischievous at home, but I know many people praise you for being smart, well-behaved and good at acting like a baby. One time, I was tired from exercising with you. Oh, I actually ran home lazily🤣🤣🤣, I know the way home! ! Sometimes they even show me disdain😩😩 Although I have long known that the average life span of wolf dogs is no more than 13 years old! 😭😭 When I adopted you, you were already a little over 10 years old. By this year, you are already 13. Thank you very much for holding on until the birth of our little baby and being a dog guard for 2 months. Last night you slept peacefully and left silently. You didn’t have time to be a (cute) dog nanny and watched him grow up, but you still dutifully guarded the door. The reluctance in your heart still cannot escape birth, old age, illness and death~ I wish you You have a good journey. If you are reincarnated as a dog or are destined to be with me, I will still take you home to accompany me😘

cute dog

Ranked fifth

I think back then, when supplies were in short supply, my 18-year-old and I....

college students

Ranked sixth

Although it is hard, I still feel happy to have you by my side.

mother and child

Ranked seventh

Many people say that women pay for having children with their lives, and it is true! This daughter made me go through life and death once, and even made me suffer in hell once. This time, I fully realized that "birthday" means a mother's day. Just as we celebrate our birthdays happily, the one we really want to celebrate is not ourselves, but our mother. It is true that it is not easy to give birth to a child, and it is even more difficult to be a mother~! The accident happened so suddenly that no one could have predicted it. My daughter was exactly what I expected. On November 22, I was ready to take action. I was in the delivery room. I was in so much pain that I almost lost consciousness. People around me started to panic. The last impression left on me was "the baby's heartbeat is dropping." I started to be rushed to the operating room and finally heard the word "general anesthesia". I looked at the operating lamp and gradually lost my memory... Just when I opened my eyes again, I had tubes inserted all over my body and face. My whole body was moving and I had to be able to speak. I could only move my eyes and had no idea what was going on. I could vaguely see the people next to me telling me that the child was fine and safe. She reassured me that the next three days were spent in the intensive care unit. It was very difficult, really very difficult... ..I am suffering physically and mentally. The most difficult time in my life has been these three days... My body has not recovered after the caesarean section and the wound is already very painful. As a result, there are tubes in my mouth and nose, and my hands are full of needles and needles. Every day, the nurse came to help me turn over. Every time I turned over, I gritted my teeth and asked the nurse to clean up the lochia while being naked. The nurse offered to help me bathe, but I refused for three days... I felt so uncomfortable that I didn't want to move at all~~~ Plus, The pain of sputum extraction is really worse than death every time~ Why is it so serious? In fact, the doctor can’t explain it clearly. He only said that I was going to give birth naturally, so he advised me to eat to gain strength. But I only eat My water broke after one bite of salty crispy chicken /The heartbeat dropped rapidly after the child's water broke /I had already opened eight centimeters and then had an emergency caesarean section /A caesarean section under general anesthesia requires an empty stomach but I had eaten a mouthful of food /so I choked on aspiration pneumonia /need to be intubated and put in intensive care The most difficult period of the ward rescue was finally over. When I was inside, I felt that time had stopped and every moment passed very, very slowly... Fortunately, different nurses kept encouraging me and cheering me up every day. I am really grateful to them ♥ The doctors also did their best. They have been working hard to care about my condition every day and let me recover safely and smoothly ♥ Thank you to my family and friends who have been caring about me ♥ Thank you all for your hard work~~😘😘 Now I have been transferred to the general ward and finally recovered for the first time after giving birth. I saw my baby girl for the first time five days ago. I imagined that my husband would come in to accompany me during the birth and welcome the birth of the baby with me, but I didn’t... It’s such a pity I want to tell myself that it’s hard work I love you#All the mommies in the world are really great

pregnant woman

Ranked eighth

After fifteen years together, my longing will sleep forever this summer, my lonely eyes look into the distance, my longing is like a wisp of smoke, and the memories linger in front of my eyes

cute dog

Ranked ninth

There is a kind of companionship called siblings!

cute boy and girl

Ranked tenth

I encountered this beautiful scenery when I went up to watch the fog for the first time. I want to share it with you who are lucky enough to see it!

beautiful scenery

Ranked 11th

The afterglow in the sky is a beautiful luxury, and the smile on the face is a memory in the future. Happy graduation to the three best seniors!

beach play