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Player story sharing 3 Guanyu and Xuanling

BrickNet player story sharing series

Each building block painting has a story behind it, from picking up a small building block, snapping on the bottom plate to leaving the position and continuing the cycle

What is spelled out is memories, love, separation, or growth, let them slowly tell you...

One is a veterinarian and the other is a veterinary assistant. They met and fell in love three years ago through work...

The photo is a memorable photo taken at the Sunrise Station when I went to Taichung Dakeng to enjoy the New Year’s Eve in 2020

On this day, we firmly believe in each other's commitment to love. She smiles beautifully and naturally, so she specially selected this photo for building block painting, hoping to keep this beautiful picture forever

couple photos

The process of selecting photos

We thought very, very long when choosing this particular photo~ because it's not just a picture, it's our memory. This photo captures our love story and our special connection. Every detail, every smile means something, and as a result, this photo becomes a treasure that we look back on and cherish. I chose it because I hope we will always be as happy as that day!

use computer

Finally arrived and unboxed

I was so excited to get a special gift! It was a big surprise when I opened the package. Looking forward to unpacking each layer of packaging. I was really touched when I saw the block paintings made from last year’s group photo. This unboxing experience is so special!!! This gift is not just a toy, it is also a record of our memories and travels. It will always hang in my home, reminding us of this special fate and happy time.

It took 5 hours and finally finished...

Finally finished, it’s really great! Our hard work finally paid off, this one really looks like it