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Player Stories Sharing 4 MIMI & LALA Cafe

BrickNet player story sharing series

Each building block painting has a story behind it, from picking up a small building block, snapping on the bottom plate to leaving the position and continuing the cycle

What is spelled out is memories, love, separation, or growth, let them slowly tell you...

It was a gift given to their twin daughters on their fourth birthday by the owner and his wife of the famous croissant shop "Ji Croissant" in Taipei, named after their beloved daughters.

The LOGO takes the heartbeat frequency of love and jumping as the main brand axis

Let us learn to be with ourselves or the people we love, share food and life, live in the moment, and enjoy every moment of life


MIMI&LALA before construction


48-piece giant building block painting

A total of 49,152 bricks were used!



The completed MIMI&LALA wall