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Healthcare: BrickNet x Cares Expo 2023

In modern society, the health and happiness of the elderly have received increasing attention. In this context, we are very honored to participate in this care exhibition and introduce to you our building block puzzle – MATRIXG building block painting set.

Our block puzzles are designed to provide a fun and challenging puzzle experience to improve elderly healthcare

Especially combined with online tools to enhance personalized experience, it can also effectively train finger muscles and visual perception skills, which is a very important part for the elderly.As we age, the muscles in our fingers become weaker and our vision may become blurry. MATRIXG not only provides entertainment, but also helps the elderly maintain hand flexibility, promote blood circulation, and improve visual recognition skills.

At this care exhibition, we hope to share the value of MATRIXG with everyone and provide an opportunity for more elderly people to benefit from this simple and effective training method. We firmly believe that this building block puzzle is not only an entertainment option, but also a tool to promote the health and quality of life of the elderly.

Welcome everyone to come to our booth and experience this product for yourself

Booth information: 9/7 ~ 9/9 Cares Expo 2023 Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 Care Technology Exhibition A1215, A1217 (Chang Gung University)

Taipei International Care Exhibition