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BrickNet X Taoyuan Youth Entrepreneurship Carnival

We are very honored to be invited to participate in the Taoyuan New Technology entrepreneurship carnival #TechnologyPowerXianji, which is a very meaningful technology education event.

In this exhibition, we had the honor to have in-depth conversations with Vice Mayor Wang Mingju and Youth Innovation Director Hou Jiiling. In addition to sharing our #MATRIXG building block puzzle, we also discussed how we can use it to improve users' visual perception and finger muscle strength. , memory cognition and other age-friendly added values.

At the same time, we also provide digital solutions, integrate modern network carriers, and strive to enhance the personalized gaming experience.

In addition, this exhibition also provides visitors with a comprehensive experience, with rich content covering future technologies such as AI, autonomous vehicles, and AR, and prompts parents and children to think about the relationship between future technology and education.

Welcome to join the world of BrickNet, explore together how to inspire creativity, develop skills through building block puzzles, and find your own piece of the puzzle together.