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BrickNet Website Terms of Use

Article 1 of
The purpose of these Terms of Use is to set out any and all matters regarding the terms and conditions for use and operation of the services on BrickNet BrickNet (the "Site").

Article 2 Definitions The main terms used in this article have the following meanings.
1) Members refer to users who register on this website by agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website, providing their personal information, signing a user agreement with this website, and using this website.
2) User Agreement refers to the agreement between this website and members regarding the use of this website.
3) Member ID refers to a unique combination of characters and numeric sequences granted to each member to identify the member and the member's use of services.
4) Password refers to a combination of characters and numbers selected by the member, which is used to verify whether the ID is granted to the same member and to protect the member's rights and interests.
5) Operator refers to the person/entity that has opened and operates the website that provides services.
6) Termination refers to the member’s termination of the user agreement.

Article 3 Applicable Rules Other than Standard Terms of Use
If necessary, operators can separately publish and provide guidance on operating policies. To the extent these Terms of Use and the Operations Policy overlap, the Operations Policy shall control.

Article 4 Execution of User Agreement
1) When a person who wishes to use this website agrees to these terms of use, and then the operator accepts that person's membership application, a user agreement shall be constituted.
2) Anyone who wishes to use membership services should indicate his/her intention to agree to these terms of use by reading these terms of use when applying for membership and clicking "I agree" below.

Article 5 Application to use services
1) Any user who wishes to use this website as a member should provide any and all information requested by this website, such as username, password and nickname.
2) Members who fail to register their true information by stealing other people's information or registering false information are not allowed to claim any rights to use this website and may be punished according to relevant laws and regulations.

Article 6 Personal Information Handling Guidelines
There is no member password in the personal information provided by the website and operator when applying for membership. Any content related to member passwords should be handled in accordance with the "Personal Information Handling Guidelines".
Operators should strive to protect members' personal information, including members' registration information, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
Members' personal information should be protected in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the personal information handling guidelines established by this website.
However, the operator does not assume any responsibility for information leaked due to membership reasons.
If a member registers and distributes illegal posts, including posts that undermine good public order and customs or violate national security, the operator may access the member's materials and submit these materials to the relevant agencies upon the request of these agencies.

Article 7 Obligations of Operators
1) The Operator shall deal with any comments or complaints made by members as soon as possible if such comments or complaints are deemed to be fair. However, if the Operator finds it difficult to handle such comments or complaints expeditiously for personal reasons, it should do its best by publishing an announcement or sending a member message or email.
2) If equipment malfunctions or any equipment is lost, the Operator may require the website to repair or restore such equipment without any delay so that the website can be continuously and stably provided (or operated). However, the operation of this website may be suspended if a natural disaster or unavoidable cause occurs to the website or operator.

Article 8 Obligations of Members
1) Members shall abide by the matters stipulated in these Terms of Use, any and all regulations established by the operator, including matters notified to users through the website and operating policies, and relevant regulations. Members must not take actions that disrupt other business of the Site or harm the reputation of the Site.
2) Unless expressly agreed by this website, members may not transfer, donate or provide the right to use the service and their contractual status under the user agreement.
3) Customers should manage their ID cards and passwords very carefully and shall not allow any third party to use their ID cards without the consent of the operator or website.
4) Members shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of the operator, the website and any third party.

Article 9 Service usage time
1) In principle, the service should be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there are any special operational or technical delays. However, this website may suspend services on dates or times specified on the website for system inspections, expansions and replacements. Since temporary suspension of services for scheduled work is announced in advance on the homepage of this website, users are advised to visit and read the homepage frequently.
2) Under the following circumstances, this website may temporarily or permanently suspend services without prior notice or notice.
- In case of any emergency system inspection, extension, replacement, malfunction or malfunction
- In the event of any force majeure event such as national emergency, power outage or natural disaster
- If a general operator specified in the "Telecommunications Business Act" suspends telecommunications services
- If there is any delay in using the normal service due to traffic overload during the use of the service
3) If the service is suspended according to paragraph 2 above, this website shall notify members of such suspension through prior notice. However, if this website finds that it is impossible to notify in advance that the service is suspended due to reasons beyond its control, it shall make a subsequent notice or announcement in lieu of such prior notice.

Article 10 Termination of use of service
1) If members wish to terminate the user agreement with this website, they themselves should apply online to terminate their registration. However, termination of use of the Site shall be separate from termination of the User Agreement.
2) Due to the automatic deletion of website-related programs on the member management screen, when applying to terminate the user agreement (or use of services), the operator may not be able to view the applicant's termination message.

Article 11 Restrictions on use of the Service
Members shall not engage in any conduct that falls within any of the following conduct. If it is found that a member has taken any such behavior, this website may impose restrictions on the member's use of the service, take legal measures, terminate the user agreement or suspend the service within a specified period of time.
1) Register false information when registering for membership or changing the message so that an error message appears after registering for membership
2) Prevent others from using this website or stealing other people’s information
3) Impersonate the managers, employees or related personnel of this website
4) Infringe the moral rights or intellectual property rights of this website or any other third party or disrupt its business or operations
5) Fraudulent use of other members’ ID cards
6) Collect, store and disclose other members’ personal information without their consent
7) Commit to any behavior that is objectively considered to be related to crime
8) Violation of other relevant laws and regulations

Article 12 Posting Management
1) The Operator shall be responsible for the management and operation of the postings and materials on this website. Operators should always monitor postings and materials. If the Operator discovers or receives reports of erroneous postings and materials, it shall remove such postings and materials and provide a warning to the Member who registered such postings and materials.
Also, because a member is responsible for the posts he or she makes, he or she may not make posts that violate these Terms of Use.
2) If public authorities such as competent authorities require correction of any posting, the Operator may delete or move such posting without the member's prior consent.
3) The criteria for determining any erroneous release are as follows.
- Posts that seriously insult other members or any third party or damage their reputation
- Post content, distribute or provide links to content contrary to good public order and customs
- Posts that promote illegal copying or hacking
- Posts intended to create advertisements for profit purposes
- Objectively acknowledge crime-related posts
- Postings that infringe the rights, including copyrights, of other members or any third party
- Other posts deemed to violate relevant laws and regulations
4) If any third party requires the website and operator to suspend postings for reasons such as defamation or infringement of rights (including intellectual property rights), they may temporarily do so. Furthermore, if this website is notified of any litigation, any settlement between the person/entity requesting suspension of postings and any person/entity registering such postings, or any decision of relevant authorities similar to the above, it shall abide by such solution or decision.

Article 13 Posting and custody
If the operator suspends the operation of this website due to unavoidable circumstances, it will announce it in advance and strive to take all measures to ensure that all posts can be easily transferred.

Article 14 Copyright of Postings
1) Members should own the copyright of materials posted within the website. Additionally, this site may not use such materials commercially without the member's consent. However, this website has the right to use such materials for non-profit purposes and to publish such materials within the scope of the service.
2) Members shall not use materials posted in the service for commercial purposes, including processing and selling information obtained through the service.
3) If the operator determines that materials or content posted or registered by members fall into any of the items specified in Article 12 above, they may delete, move or refuse to register these materials or content without prior notice.

Article 15 Damages
1) Members shall be primarily responsible for all civil and criminal liabilities arising within the website.
2) This website does not provide compensation for damages if a member suffers any damage due to force majeure events, such as natural disasters or his or her intentional misconduct or negligence.

Article 16 Compensation
1) If the member does not earn any profit from the services provided by the website, or if any damage is caused due to optional service materials or use of the service, the operator shall be exempted from any liability arising from the above reasons.
2) The operator shall be exempted from liability caused by the interruption of services on this website or the interruption of telecommunications services provided by other operators. These Terms of Use shall apply mutatis mutandis to damages related to the basis of this website's services.
3) The operator is not responsible for materials stored, published or transmitted by members.
4) The operator shall not be responsible for service interruption caused by members.
5) The Operator is not responsible for any and all activities (including data transfers and other community activities) between members and between members and any third party, whether such activities are conducted within the website or through any external services.
6) The operator is not responsible for the authenticity, credibility and accuracy of materials posted or transmitted by members, nor is it responsible for all materials provided to members through the website.
7) The operator is not responsible for any and all damages caused by goods transactions between members and between members and any third party through the service.
8) If there is no reason between the operators, the operators are not responsible for any disputes between members or between members and any third party.
9) The operator is not responsible for any damage suffered by a member if damage is caused by system outages that may occur due to intentional misconduct or gross negligence. In this case, this misconduct can be considered similar to misconduct in the management, inspection, repair and replacement of equipment (such as servers or operating software). The Operator also assumes no responsibility if a member is attacked by any third party, the distribution or security of computer viruses that have not been developed by reputable domestic or foreign research institutions, or any anti-virus/vaccine. The relevant company, or a force majeure event, cannot otherwise control the operator.

This clause shall be effective from 2022-12-21.

Personal information policy

 Article 1 Consent to the collection of personal information and collection method
BrickNet (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") shall establish procedures that allow customers to click the "agree" button, the Terms of Use, the collection of personal information and the details of the personal information used. By clicking the "Agree" button, customers will be deemed to agree to the collection and use of their personal information.

Article 2 Items of personal information collected and purpose of using personal information
"Personal information" means information about a living person and mentions their name, resident registration number or any other information that identifies such person. (Even if the messages themselves do not identify a person, the messages can be easily combined with other messages and used to identify such a person.)

This website has the following purposes for collecting and using customers' personal information:

General member's personal information
- Collection time: Register for membership
- Mandatory collection of items: ID card, password, email, name
- Optional collection items: profile picture, date of birth, phone number, address
- Purpose of using personal information: Membership registration, customer inquiries about using services, and sending of notifications
- Retention period: Delete immediately upon withdrawal of membership, or retain for five years for purchasing members

Order information (including members and non-members)
- Collection time: when order is placed
- Mandatory collection items: customer information for placing orders (name, address, phone number and email), recipient information (name, address, phone number), payment approval information
- Optional collection item: delivery of messages
- Purpose of using personal information: payment and delivery of ordered products
- Retention period: five years

Article 3 Collection of personal information through cookies
This website may install and operate cookies that store and frequently retrieve customer information. Cookies represent small text files that a website sends to the user's computer browser (Internet Explorer, etc.)
1) Purpose of using cookies - Provide differentiated messages based on personal interests - Analyze users' visit frequency or stay time, identify users' tastes and interests, and use them for target marketing and as a measure of service improvement - Track purchased items information and items of concern to users, and provide customized services
2) Cookie operation and rejection of cookies. Cookies are stored on the hard drive of the user's computer. Cookies identify the user's computer, but not the user. In addition, customers can accept or reject all cookies or check when cookies are being stored by changing the settings on their web browser.
However, if customers refuse to store cookies, they may not use certain services that require them.

3) How to change settings to reject cookies
A. Internet Explorer directly changes settings by clicking the Tools > Internet Options > Personal Messages tab on the menu at the top of the web browser
B. Chrome directly changes it by clicking the menu icon on the right column at the bottom of the screen > "Settings" > "Advanced Settings" > "Content Settings" button in the "Personal Message" section > "Cookies" section at the bottom of the screen settings

Article 4 Period of retention, use and destruction of personal information
1) Customers’ personal information should be destroyed immediately after collecting and using their personal information. However, if the customer's personal information needs to be retained for a period of time in order to verify the rights and obligations of the transaction parties in accordance with relevant regulations, such as consumer protection in e-commerce and other transactions. The bill provides that such information should be retained for a specified period of time:
Article 6 of the "Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce and Other Transactions Act" - Records of contracts or withdrawals of offers: Retention for five years
- Records on payments and supply of goods: retained for five years
- Records on resolution of customer complaints or disputes: retained for three years
B "Law for the Protection of Communications Secrets" Article 15.2 - Login records: retained for three months
COther relevant regulations
2) This website should destroy personal information in the following ways.
A. Destruction Procedure - Messages entered for membership registration should be transferred to a separate database (in the case of paper messages, a separate filing cabinet), stored for a period of time in accordance with internal guidelines and other relevant regulations, and then destroyed.
- Except for the purposes specified by law, the above personal information shall not be used for any other purpose.
B. Destruction method - Personal information printed on paper should be destroyed by crushing or burning. - Personal information in electronic file format should be completely destroyed through technical methods to prevent recovery or regeneration.
3) In accordance with Article 29.2 of the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection", this website shall issue a notice of forfeiture of membership to dormant members (who have not used services in the past twelve months). If such member fails to respond to such notice, his or her membership may be deemed to have been forfeited at the Site's sole discretion. In this case, the dormant member's personal messages may be stored and managed separately from the personal messages of other members. Such personal information separated and stored shall be destroyed after the statutory retention period. If requested by the customer, the customer's personal information that has not been destroyed shall be provided again when use of the service is resumed.

Article 5 Provision of personal information to third parties
1) This website shall not use customers' personal information, nor shall it provide such information to other people, companies and institutions outside the scope of Article 1 above (items of personal information collected and the purpose of using personal information).
2) The following situations are exceptions.
A. According to relevant regulations, relevant agencies require customers’ personal information for investigation purposes.
B. When customers' personal information is provided to advertisers, suppliers or research organizations in a form that does not identify certain individuals to compile statistical data or conduct academic or market research
C. When requesting customers' personal information according to predetermined procedures of other relevant regulations, even if personal information is provided in accordance with the above regulations, we will do our best to ensure that such information will not be provided unconditionally. Collection and use of such information.

Article 6 Outsourcing of Personal Information Processing
This website outsources the processing of users' personal information to external professional organizations in order to facilitate the smooth operation of the business, such as providing better services and customer convenience.
- Delivery Tracking System Service: Goodsflow Inc.
※The information shared with the outsourcing company should be limited to the minimum information necessary to achieve the original purpose of outsourcing. In addition, optional personal messages are provided to the outsourcing company upon the client's request.
※The list of outsourcing companies may change depending on the changed services and contract period. Any changes to this list should be announced in advance via notification. Customers participating in short-term events should be notified separately of such events.

Article 7 Access and Modification of Personal Information

1) Customers can access or modify the personal information registered on this website at any time. Customers can click the "Change Member Information" menu to directly access or modify their personal information. They may also request such access or modification by sending an email or written request to the Chief Privacy Officer or personal information processing employee at the site. The Website shall then take relevant measures without delay.
2) If the customer requests the correction of any errors in his or her personal information, this website shall not use or provide such personal information until such errors are corrected.
3) If incorrect personal information has been provided to any third party, this website should immediately notify the third party of the result of correcting this information and allow the third party to also modify the information.

 4 ) Anti-fraud propaganda

Article 8 Withdrawal of consent to collection, use and provision of personal information
1) Customers may revoke their consent to the collection, use and provision of their personal information when registering for membership at any time. They can do this by clicking "Withdraw Consent (Membership)" in the "Personal Information Management" menu on the initial login page of the website. They may also do so by contacting this website's Chief Privacy Officer in writing, by phone, or by email. Then, this website should immediately take necessary measures, such as deleting the personal information. This website shall immediately notify customers of such measures, including withdrawal of consent and destruction of personal information.
2) This website should take necessary measures to ensure that customers withdraw their consent (membership) to the collection of personal information through a simpler method than the method by which they consented to the collection of personal information in the past.

Article 9 Measures to ensure the security of personal information
This website shall take technical/administrative/physical measures necessary to ensure the security of personal information in accordance with Article 29 of the "Personal Information Protection Act".
1. Encrypt personal messages

Users' personal information (including passwords) will be stored and managed and will only be known to the user who owns the information. Protect important data with separate features such as encrypting and locking files and transferred data.
2. Technical measures against hacker attacks
This website should install, regularly update and check security charts to ensure that personal information is not leaked and damaged by hackers or computer viruses. It should also install the system in areas accessible from the outside and technically/physically inspect and barricade these areas.

Article 10 Protection of personal information of children under fourteen years of age
This website believes it is important to protect children's personal information in online environments. It does not allow children under the age of fourteen to apply for membership without the consent of their legal counsel. Legal counsel may exercise all rights of such children should they register on a website or provide their personal information due to theft of their name and information or misuse of the system.

Article 11 Chief Privacy Officer
This website appoints the following Chief Privacy Officer, who is responsible for handling personal information and handling customer complaints regarding personal information and damages relief.

▶Chief Privacy Officer
- Name: Cai Yuwei
- Job level: Manager
- Contact point: 333 No. 259, Wenhua 1st Road, Guishan District, Taoyuan City

Article 12 Modification of "Personal Information Handling Guidelines"
This personal information handling guideline will be effective from the effective date. Any changes added to regulations and these Guidelines, as well as deletions and corrections to any content in these Guidelines, shall be notified seven days prior to implementation of such additions, deletions, or corrections.

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