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BrickNet 調配新色彩風格,為客製積木畫注入新的復古配色元素,讓您的拼嵌體驗更加懷舊、充滿趣味!




BrickNet deploys new color styles and injects new retro color elements into custom mosaic paintings, making your mosaic experience more nostalgic and full of fun!

This retro-style mosaic painting not only applies retro filters, but also reduces the number of colors, making the assembly of paintings easier and easier to use, allowing you to easily assembled beautiful patterns and enjoy the joy of building blocks and satisfaction.

Whether you are a lover of building block painting or someone who wants to relax, this retro style building block painting can meet your needs, not only can become your collection, but also allow you to complete these beautiful things with your family and friends pattern, have a good time.

Pick up this unique vintage style building block painting now and embed your memories in this vibrant piece!


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